About Us

We believe that in the years to come, the Indian growth story can count on the manufacturing sector for support and enablement. Hence we, at Factory Up, are keen to see the manufacturing sector reach its maximum potential and efficiency.

It is an established fact that efficient capacity utilisation in manufacturing units have a proportional impact on the revenue and profitability. To enable this, through our platform, such units can increase their visibility and attract new orders and contracts, so as to extract maximum revenue potential from their existing infrastructure.

On the other hand, for our users who are looking for contract manufacturing or job work suppliers, our platform will provide the opportunity to connect quickly with synergetic allies from a large database of vetted capacity suppliers, thereby reducing the time, effort and, ultimately, costs incurred in identifying the right partner.

Our dedication to this goal of maximising capacity efficiency in the manufacturing sector not only reflects our altruistic aspirations, but also comes from a place of personal experience. During his rigorous journey of trying to find the right partner to outsource his dairy plant to, our co-founder Apurva identified this gap in communication channels between capacity suppliers and seekers, and thus the seeds of FactoryUp were sown.

"Our mission is to introduce a more professional and efficient approach to outsourcing in the Indian manufacturing sector, and enable a platform which mutually and justly benefits all stakeholders in such partnerships."

Founding Team

Sonam Gupta

An engineer by graduation, Sonam pursued a Masters degree in Engineering Management to help bridge the gap between engineers and business managers in the corporate world. After starting her career in operations with a Delhi based logistics provider, she joined Tata Steel in 2010 and worked in the company for seven years in different departments. Her experience covers a wide range of roles from strategy, research, innovation and new product development, but at the core she is an analyst and business process improvement enthusiast. Growing up, she was obsessed with the idea of owning and running her own factory, and is now keen to channel that energy to contribute to the revolution that is coming in the Indian manufacturing sector.

Apurva Jalan

Though a licensed chartered accountant, Apurva has always been fascinated with manufacturing and machines. That fascination, as well as his desire to be in charge of his own destiny propelled him to join his family business of manufacturing industrial valves, where he continues to be an important asset. His entrepreneurial spirit further led him to set up a dairy processing unit in West Bengal without any prior knowledge and experience, and enabled him to create and develop a successful business from scratch.